//Custom portfolio tab order by Divi Soup


One of the most abundant and diverse elements in the entire universe, and often referred to as the divine element, carbon is the essential building block for all life as we know it. This is also true for businesses.

There are two critical components needed for a business to live and thrive. Strategy and design. While individually important, each is significantly limited unless effectively bonded with the other. By fusing strategy and design, the one element essential for life and optimizing business performance is ultimately created. That element is CARBON.

Represented by two of the most recognizable, yet completely different forms of this divine element, our logo is displayed in the shape of an elevated white diamond embossed with a bold, graphite C-insignia; and accompanied by an offset carbon-fiber impression.

These juxtaposed, harmonious shapes represent our commitment to always leverage within our work the powerful synergy existing between strategy and design. This fused duality ensures performance outcomes that are greater than the sum of its parts.

The white diamond, valued for it’s rarity and distinct beauty, represents the unique and valued quality of our work. Like diamonds, time and pressure shapes our solutions into gems of distinct and lasting beauty.

The bold, graphite C insignia, perfectly centered on the diamond face, represents our boldness. Boldness to routinely challenge the status quo. Boldness to exceed our clients’ expectations. And boldness to ensure our customers achieve more with less. Looking at our logo, you can clearly “C” that big and bold is at the center of all we do.

The slightly elevated, forward-moving perspective of the diamond indicates our forward-thinking mindset. We are committed to consistently elevating our tradecraft and are ever mindful of advancing our clients’ business performance.

The inversed impression represents our carbon footprint. Accented by a carbon fiber overlay, this signifies the powerful and lasting impact we achieve, as well as the strength and beauty of our work.

The use of six primary colors; a direct linkage to the periodic number of carbon, represent the originality, the variety, and the diversity of our skills, of the work we deliver, and, of course, of the incredible clients we support.